About us

Cyberllence Inovatie SRL is a start-up company established in 2017 in Bucharest, Romania.The company is developing educational technologies in order to automate online lessons and tests. Cyberllence’s technologies support educational hackathons and working in modern educational makerspaces.

The main product of the company is Nextlab.tech. It is an easy-to-use AI based adaptive learning platform that automates the delivery of online lessons, tests and hackathons.

Nextlab.tech empowers professors, students and parents to orchestrate cross-disciplinary learning paths and tests by  configuring a virtual learning assistant that connects to Open Educational Resources (OER) and offers innovative pedagogies.

Another product of Cyberllence Inovatie is TESTRAX a module of Nextlab.tech that offers open-book testing and is able to process student responses in natural language. TESTRAX uses an advanced machine learning technology named dynamic classifiers.

The platforms offering our software as a service are:

  • age 18-23: www.cyberllence.com , the first student talent pipelining service in Eastern Europe
  • age 6-16: www.nextlab.tech (Romanian only), a large cross-disciplinary learning platform with a focus on STEAM and educational robotics

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